About company

The object of the enterprise is international and domestic forwarding of goods, logistics and services of coherent consignments, particularly in the international trade.

The Limited company was established in the spring of the year 2003 but its history is dated back to year 1995.

The seat of the company is in the centre of the town Děčín on the right side of the river Elbe in the premises of ČVUT. The company has many agreements with forwarding companies in all around Europe, which guarantee quality services in European standards.

Our company cooperates with others in full range of all kinds of transportations but is not financially dependent on any of them and there is not any property interconnection between them either.


ISO 9001

Since 12.08.2003 we are holders of the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001.

Mrs Stanislava Heritesová Weiglová was awarded
in the project The Best Businesslady Award
the 1st place in the category of mid-market companies.
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